Epoxy flooring is versatile, as seen in industrial or residential epoxy flooring. One of the controversial debates about flooring is the choice between epoxy or concrete, especially when settling for a residential concrete floor coating or epoxy resin flooring for residential. You will learn the fundamentals of epoxy and its connection with resin in this article.

Before now, you might have wondered why epoxy flooring is better than the other types. This is because of the benefits of poured epoxy flooring for residential or commercial purposes. Even if you learn about the benefits, you have an opportunity to save more by working with us on your next commercial or residential concrete floor coating project.


Benefits Of Residential Epoxy Flooring

Safety and visibility

An increase in epoxy garage floor increases the visibility, especially in a large setup. For example, a public parking space or a train station flooring made with epoxy is safe and shines. Epoxy is made from resin, a polymerized compound that is safe and eco-friendly after processing. Even if you consider a residential concrete floor coating, it works well. However, epoxy (because of resin) works far better in safety and visibility.


Compatible with vehicles

Vehicle tires and resin from epoxy are synthetic products, and they fit best in combination. An epoxy garage floor keeps your vehicle in the best form, while concrete may add more wear to your tires. Epoxy’s smoothness will produce little to no reaction from your tires, even if it makes the lowest sound.



The primary reason epoxy, predominantly residential epoxy flooring, is eco-friendly is the composition. Epoxy has a low composition; although it is a chemical product, it is widely eco-friendly because these compositions are not dangerous; instead, they are resistant to harsh conditions.



Epoxy remains intact from our 35 years of installing epoxy flooring. After the installation, epoxy won’t revamp for an extended time. The covering perseveres more than tile, rug, and wood flooring due to its composition protecting it from shock, water, and even colors. You may not necessarily add extra costs to your budget after the installation. Although we guarantee this if you work with us, we may not directly dictate how another firm operates. But, if you employ us, we assure you that the first installation lasts for years with an average of 10 – 12, even on an epoxy garage floor.



Once dried, epoxy additionally can oppose degrees of hotness. The average epoxy heat degree is 200 degrees Fahrenheit; however, higher grade epoxy can endure significantly more elevated heat levels. We have selected epoxy for this task. For example, our phosphorus-containing epoxies endure heat better compared to others. You may state the purpose of installation when you communicate with us; we’ll give you the best and most fair quote.

We may not predict the outcome of the installation done by others. But we can give you 100% satisfaction in the installation, maintenance, and usage of our residential epoxy flooring or types of epoxy flooring coating. Use the contact button to request free quotes or consultation.

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