You cannot use your epoxy floors forever. Nevertheless, it is nice you can reuse your old flooring again, even when replacing the epoxy. But do epoxy floors last? Yes, they last. But, how long does epoxy flooring last?

We shall consider many things that contribute to epoxy floor durability or fragility. In this article, you will learn when you should replace your epoxy floor, how to increase epoxy floor durability, and how to get quality epoxy products.


Factors That Determine How Long Epoxy Floors Last

Commercial or personal use

Epoxy floors’ durability reduces over time, and the reducing rate depends on forces acting on the floors. A home-installed epoxy floor is less likely to wear out compared to the ones at a commercial setup. Countless people visit commercial settings daily, reducing epoxy floor durability, whereas a home setup has the lowest number of people stepping on the floor daily.

If you accurately consider how long an epoxy floor lasts, you may first figure out where you installed the epoxy floor. On average, an epoxy floor lasts between 10 to 20 years.


Installing the correct type of epoxy floor

Several epoxy floors have a specific function. While a wear-resistance epoxy floor increases a typical epoxy floor’s durability, a fashion-made epoxy floor increases beauty. The type of epoxy floor installed and the location affect the lasting years.

Ensure you have the suitable epoxy floors in check before you consider installing them. You may get the essential information on the internet. However, trusting a brand like Coating Max would save you a lot of stress, especially doubts such as “do epoxy floors last?”


Some epoxy floors and chemicals

Chemical activities damage epoxy floor questions. Before you consider “how long do epoxy floors last,” is the ground chemical resistant? Fortunately, you can construct the ground floor to eliminate chemical wash before installing the epoxy floor.

Eliminating any chemical activities improves your health and increases the epoxy floor durability. For example, epoxy is manufactured from various chemical compounds, and the reactions of several compounds may give unpleasant results that may be dangerous to your health.


Cleaning and hygiene

How vast are you in maintaining an epoxy floor? The way you clean the floor affects how long the epoxy flooring lasts. For example, some reagents slightly stick to the epoxy and gradually wear down, reducing the lifespan.

To increase your epoxy floor durability and lifespan, make sure you read about how to clean and care for your epoxy. You may consult Coating Max for a good guide.


Meet the best supplier and make your epoxy floors last even longer

Nothing is as sweet as having highly qualified and certified professionals and licensed and trained customer assistants in your care. Coating Max, with over 35 years of experience in coating and epoxying, promises to sort all your needs and provide excellent service. What do you think? Yes! It would be great to try us today – check Coating Max out.


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