The first sign that you should consider upgrading to a new garage floor coating is the floor appearance—the more the beauty and neatness, the less likely you need to change the floor coating. It is one thing to know when to change the garage floor and another to get satisfactory work done. One thing that shows outstanding work, especially in installing a new garage floor, is the appearance after installation.

At Coating Max, we offer background checks on all our work. If you decide to work with us today, before we consider the estimate for your new garage floor, we will first figure out the reason and type of installation your home or commercial setup needs. For further knowledge, we have compiled some indications below, and they give you a hint on how to improve your prediction and tell if you need an upgrade.


Four signs showing a need for new garage floors Wellington FL

1.   Consider cracks

Cracks are the first thing that shows the need for another epoxy coating. Note that these cracks do not always depend on “when you installed the floor.” If the installation was mishandled, the said “new garage floor coating” wears off quickly, causing you another expense. Therefore, you should pay attention to the mode of installation. For example, if you had an issue with an installation style the last time, you may communicate with us, and we will figure out another process that works. The underlying soil may need some improvement before the concrete or epoxy works. Make sure you brief us about your previous experience.


2. The type of coating

Epoxy coating and concrete are different styles of floor installation. While concrete permits waterlogging over time, epoxy is resistant to water. You can reach us by checking the contact page to know the type of flooring in your home or workplace if you are not sure. Epoxy floor shows lesser cracks compared to concrete coating. Notwithstanding, the presence of cracks on the epoxy floor demands immediate examination.


3.      Uneven surface

Uneven surfaces are a self-diagnosing technique for verifying the need for another epoxy coating. The significance of this factor is the sound and feeling it gives your feet. If the new garage floor coating requires replacement, the floor will feel as if there are holes beneath it. If the holes are large, you will hear audible sounds when you step on the floor.

Our experts may remove a portion of the floor and verify the underlying cause – confirming the need for a replacement or a new garage floor. Another troubleshooting DIY is examining the surfaces with uneven structures.


4.    Water retention issues

The leading causes of water retention in an epoxy coating floor are faulty underlying floor or concrete and improper floor sealing. Water retention issues cannot occur if the epoxy coating is not faulty. Among all the signs discussed so far, water retention issues (for example, difficulties in damping or cleaning spills) are red flags for new garage floor coating. Avoiding water retention is the first “preventing measure.” So, ensure the home or commercial site’s foundation work is solid.

Our experts examine the faulty spots first before any further work. We recommend the solution to the water retention problem alongside other advantages. Working with us gives you a 2-in-1 advantage. First of all, you’ll enjoy authorization from experts regarding a water retention problem. Also, you’ll have the best quotes having “water retention” embedded in it.


5.   Color changes

Many factors may cause the floor color to change. One of them is the wearing of your epoxy coating floor. Due to moisture intrusion, you may have to change your present floor for a new garage floor coating. We use the current state of your floor appearance to verify the need for a replacement. Luckily for you, the color change might be due to other factors that don’t demand another epoxy work.


We will help you update your garage floors in Wellington, FL.

The present garage floor in your house or workplace may worsen if you change the epoxy coating late or do the installation wrongly. Thus, you should consider the best floor coating company in Wellington, FL. With over 35 years of experience, our company is ready to receive your home and building needs. Reach out to our customer representative or book an appointment. You may call us today and enjoy a free quotation on the go.

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