Are you struggling with a hard-to-maintain unattractive garage floor? Our Epoxy garage floor coating experts here at Coating Max can handle it! We aim to give garages and floors all over Wellington a fresh new look that will serve you for a long time.

Our epoxy garage floor coating is just what you need to bring back the shine in your garage. We are professional and apply our expertise to give you a flawless garage floor.


Here Is What You Get From Coating Max:

A Garage Floor That Lasts

Are you tired of repairing your garage floor every so often? With our epoxy coating services, you won’t need to think about any repairs for a long time. Our epoxy garage floor coating is of the best quality.

We apply epoxy to your garage floor professionally, keeping it resilient to chemicals, water penetration, and damage by foot traffic.

We ensure that we give you the best! At Coating Max, we place a guarantee on quality.


We Give A Safe Flooring Option

Here at Coating Max, we care about your safety. We provide the safest options for flooring, especially in homes. Our epoxy flooring for homes is anti-slip. With our concrete floor coatings, you can be sure that you and your family will not experience a slip accident.


A Garage With Your Tag On It

We may not write your name on your garage floor, but we can personalize it to look and feel like yours. At Coating Max, we take advantage of every opportunity. Working with epoxy provides an opportunity to be creative, and we take it!

We provide custom-made Epoxy garage floor coating to give your garage a new and unique look. Just ask for it, and we will deliver!


Why We Are Your Best Pick To Install Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

We Have The Experience 

Coating Max has been around for a good 35 years. If you are looking for someone who knows about floors and knows about epoxy garage floor coating, that’s us!

We use our experience to give our customers the best.


We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

At Coating Max, we have you in mind. We work as partners with our customers to get the best outcome. We listen to what you need for your garage floor coating, and we incorporate our skills to meet and exceed your expectations. We win when you win.


We Believe In Transparency

We provide our customers with the opportunity to air their opinions, fears, and concerns about the epoxy flooring for homes.

We answer transparently, and we offer you the opportunity to decide on working with us with full knowledge of what to expect and the cost.


Get Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Today!

If you need a garage floor coating in Wellington, we at Coating Max are ready, qualified, and experienced to give your garage a new look!

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