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Shopping for commercial epoxy flooring doesn’t sound like a ton of fun to anyone, but it is immensely important. For individuals who work within the commercial retail or industrial warehouse world, having safe and durable flooring is more than just a luxury, it is almost a requirement.

Commercial epoxy floor solutions provide business owners with the chance to showcase a better quality floor with a wide range of benefits and advantages. Let’s take a look at how the process of installing epoxy floor solutions works, so we can see if this is the right service.

Epoxy Floor Solutions: Process and Benefits

If safety is a priority at a commercial enterprise, focusing on epoxy floor solutions can make plenty of sense. Epoxy is a type of thermosetting resin that is applied atop a surface. This mixture features epoxide resin and polyamine hardener with the hardener serving as a catalyst. Upon drying, epoxy will cure through a chemical reaction that results in a thick, strong, and durable layer of coating.

Installing commercial epoxy flooring solutions can help in a number of different ways. Whether we are talking about a traditional retail outlet or a massive commercial warehouse, the unique advantages found in epoxy floor solutions can’t be acquired anywhere else.

Commercial Clients Can Enjoy:

  • Visibly Improved Flooring Through Patterns or Colors

  • Hardened and Resilient Surfaces

  • Protection From Damage and Chemical Spillage

  • Easier Flooring to Walk and Travel Upon

  • Eco-friendly Flooring Solution That Limits VOCs

CoatingMax Concrete Coating Solutions is proud to serve Wellington and the surrounding areas with quality work borne from more than 35 years of industry experience. CoatingMax offers free quotes to their clients as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all services rendered. CoatingMax hires trained, licensed, and certified professionals that are focused on customer engagement and quality work.

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