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Hire an Epoxy Floor Installer Today to Enjoy the Advantages of an Epoxy Garage Floor!


Based out of Wellington, FL, CoatingMax specializes in concrete polishing and epoxy coatings for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Let’s walk through the process together to see how CoatingMax can help their clients today. 

What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

For individuals new to their hunt for affordable epoxy coating near me, they might not know exactly what they are looking at. Garage floor epoxy is a special type of coating consisting of a thermosetting resin. Formed when epoxide resin is mixed with a polyamine hardener, epoxy eventually cures through a chemical reaction. The newly produced polymer provides a wealth of benefits to the epoxy garage floor, and they can be enjoyed almost directly after an epoxy floor installer finishes with their work.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Services?


Improved Hardened Coating

The thicker the epoxy coating, the better protection that is provided. The thicker coating can be used to protect traditional traffic as well as damage caused by chipping, falls, surface abrasions, and any other potential floor damage. Think of a mechanic that might drop their wrench, only with an epoxy garage floor there will be no damage.

Moisture Resistant

Moisture resistance is incredibly important, particularly when working in areas with chemicals and the potential for a spill. Topical coatings are ideal for wintry climates as well as Florida’s weather.

Easy Maintenance

Not only is garage epoxy flooring incredibly chemical resistant, but it is also durable and low-maintenance. Most spills and contaminants can simply be wiped away with soap and hot water provided the proper PPE is worn by all parties involved.
Make life easy by hiring the best epoxy floor installers near me at CoatingMax Concrete Coating Solutions. With 35 years of industry experience, free estimates, and a customer satisfaction guarantee there is nothing CoatingMax can’t do to help your flooring needs.

What are our customers saying?


I came accross this company by chance and was disappointed not to have found them earlier while inquiring about other renovations in my home.

The team was extremely knowledgeable, honest, fair priced and more than anything, timely with great quality work. They went as far as to make some repairs to prior work I had completed with a different company.

Jennifer Fonseca

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